Secure Web Gateways & Cloud Based Proxy Services

The CloudNetSource Consulting Team assists you in the design, implementation and optimization of your on-premises and/or cloud based secure web gateway solution. We offer broad industry knowledge and deep industry leading secure web gateway products expertise reinforced by strong collaboration with engineering and support teams at CloudNetSource and with certified networking Professional Services. Our primary objective is to accelerate your time to value for your secure web gateway investment.

Our portfolio of consulting services enables efficient and rapid deployment of industry leading solutions and provides proactive consultative support for configuration, deployment and optimization. These services are delivered by CloudNetSource Professional Services using a combination of deep networking knowledge, traffic assessments, proven tools, technical experts, best practices, and support knowledge.

CloudNetSource Consulting offers skills and expertise in the following functional categories:

  • Architecting & Designing components or the entirety of a secure web gateway or forward proxy solution with mix of on-premises and cloud versions with unified web security policy management
  • Installing & Configuring proxy products and technology
  • Deploying & Transitioning from staging/testing to production level
  • Migrating & Upgrading previous versions, or other vendors' products, to customer fit technology
  • Managing & Monitoring, including assessing and auditing, components or the entirety of your secure web gateway deployment

Our solutions include McAfee, Bluecoat, Websense, Zscaler, Cisco’s Scansafe, Symantec

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