Global Telecom Sourcing & Expense Management

Solving customers' business needs and supporting customers with exceptional, personalized service is the mission of Cloudnetsource, LLC. A boutique telecommunications brokerage and consulting firm founded in 2013, Cloudnetsource provides the expertise, client care and follow-up for telecommunications services that clients have not been able to receive from carrier based account teams.

Generally, telecommunications carriers are doing a poor job of taking care of their customers. If you are a business professional tasked with managing a relationship with one or more carriers it is often an “us against them” relationship. That’s where Cloudnetsource steps in to help. Clients come to Cloudnetsource for exceptional customer care and a team that is truly on YOUR side in managing your telecommunications services and carriers.

Cloudnetsource clients enjoy:

  • Decades of telecom experience, from our consultants, support managers and network engineers.
  • Evaluations of your current services.
  • Analysis & recommendations including multiple carriers and “apples to apples” comparisons.
  • Detail oriented service implementation.
  • A personalized, ongoing relationship acting as your account manager with the various providers so you are not managing multiple carrier contacts.
  • Invoice review and billing dispute resolution.
  • Trouble resolution assistance.
  • Add, move and change management.
  • Service line and circuit inventory.

Our Key Services

Consulting Services

Telecom audits, corporate moves, renegotiating existing carrier contracts, evaluating current carriers against the competitive marketplace and outsourcing support of your telecom adds, moves & changes are examples of the current projects Cloudnetsource’s consulting group is supporting. Cloudnetsource will design a Statement of Work (SOW) specifically to your needs and budget.

Telecom Services

Representing over 30 telecommunications providers across globe, Cloudnetsource can assist your firm in an “apples to apples” evaluation of provider costs, services and benefits so that you can be assured of selecting the best WAN, voice, data or wireless services and providers for your business needs. Cloudnetsource works with the providers every day and we know which providers are successfully meeting their obligations to customers. Let us help you make the decision, implement the services and support you long term so you can focus on your core business.

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